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Top Ads

Top ads appear above all other ads at the top of each category. This ensures that the maximum number of visitors will view your ad.

What are the benefits of top ads?

By using the “Top Ads” service, you can set apart your ad from thousands of similar ones and stay in sight of potential customers.

According to our statistics, visitors view top ads more frequently, which increases the likelihood of response.

How do “Top Ads” appear on the page?

Top ads are displayed in random order on top of each category. Each top ad is displayed twice - in the “Top Ads” section as well as in the general list.

Top ads are highlighted with yellow background during the entire time the ad is active on the site.

When searching by matching keywords, a top ad will be displayed on top of search results as well as in the general list.

How do I order the “Top Ads” service?

To place the ad in the "Top Ads", register in the webiste, then click on “Add to Top” icon on “My Ads” page next to the ad or on the post confirmation page.

Select the payment method and follow the instructions. Service fee: 900AMD (4 days), 1790AMD (7 days), 3190AMD (14 days), 5900AMD (30 days).

When does the service become active and when does it expire?

The service is activated automatically within a few minutes of the payment confirmation. The service expires and ads return back to regular status after the number of days specified in the payment method.

How do I extend the “Top Ads” service?

You can use the service again any time after it expires. You will automatically receive an email notifying you of “Top Ad” expiration and offering you to extend the service.

Can I use this service for advertising purposes?

No. The service “Top Ads” is designed to give your ad more visibility and help you sell faster. It cannot be used to sell multiple items at once or advertise your store.

If you want to advertise a service, place your ad in “Services” category only.

I don't see my top ad

This service will become active within several minutes of your payment being accepted.

If you do not see your ad at the top of its category within several minutes, please refresh your browser cache by hitting F5.

Top ads are randomly displayed on top of each respective category in rotation with other ads. If a page is refreshed a new random set of top ads will be displayed.

In search results top ads are displayed first in the list. Top ads will not be displayed if the search term does not match any information in the title or description of the ad.

Posting Rules

Using this service does not guarantee special treatment.

If your ad violates our Posting Rules, is posted in a wrong category or has inappropriate content, it will be removed. In this case, it cannot be restored, the service will not be transferred to another ad, and you will not receive a refund for the service.

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